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Cast Your Vote on Potential Fish Names!

Throughout history, people working in the food industry have renamed different plant and animal species. Prior to 1959, the Kiwi was known only as the Chinese Gooseberry. The Chilean Seabass received its name in the 1970s; prior to that it was known as the Patagonian Toothfish and was rarely eaten.

It's now your turn to be a part of history! We need your thoughts on new fish names that will inform an important food system effort. Please take this 5-minute anonymous survey. We are looking for your perceptions on this list of potential fish names.

Thank you for your input!

Your Boating Questions Answered

You've got boating questions, we've got answers! The IDNR Watercraft Division has put together a listing of the most frequently asked questions for boaters to easily find answers to questions about titles, registration, boat operation, and much more.

Find out the answers to your boating questions here.

State Parks Opened May 29th

Effective May 29, most IDNR sites reopened to the public. However, historic sites that do not have outdoor acreage, or which typically offer indoor interpretive tours, will remain closed at this time. While normal park hours will resume, shelters, playgrounds and visitors centers will remain closed until further notice. Concessions will be open at all sites.

For more information, visit the IDNR information page here.

Tournament Directors: Please see this information regarding boating, fishing and tournaments from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Lake Sturgeon Alert!

We are getting reports of Lake Sturgeon in the tailwaters of some of the dams in the smaller tributary rivers to the Illinois River. They are highly susceptible to angling pressure when they migrate into these smaller rivers to spawn this time of year.

Anglers need to be aware that the Lake Sturgeon is a state-endangered species and protected by law. The Lake Sturgeon may not be harvested by any means in the state of Illinois. If one is caught, it must be released immediately. See more about Lake Sturgeon here.

Know Your State Record!

Don't learn the hard way that your catch would have qualified for a state record! We have a listing of state record fish by species and directions for what to do if you think you've caught a state record fish, either by bow or hook and line.

We can only name a state record fish once it has been verified by an IDNR County Fisheries Biologist, not by pictures alone. So be sure to contact your biologist if you think you've caught a record holder...before you release it!

Stop the Spread of Invasive Species

Remove, Drain, Dry: As the boats come out of storage, we'd like to remind you to be aware of invasive species that pose a threat to our lands and waterways. To fight the spread of aquatic invaders, the IDNR is asking residents to "be a hero transport zero." The best way to stop the spread of invasive species is to remove, drain, and dry your boats after use in any Illinois waterway. Learn more here.