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Ice Fishing Tips & Safety Precautions

As is typical for Illinois winter, we at times have ice and snow and at other times we have sunny days. Because ice is unpredictable in these conditions, please be cautious when planning to go ice fishing.

For many, ice fishing is one of the great thrills of winter, so if you'd like to try your hand at it, we have lots of tips for beginners as well as safety tips for all. See our ice fishing tips and safety precautions here.

Fishing License for 2020 – 2021 Season

Fishing License Reminder: Fishing licenses for the 2020 – 2021 fishing season do not go on sale until March 1, 2020, and expire on March 31st of the following year (March 2021). Any fishing licenses bought before March 1st are only good until March 31, 2020.

Licenses bought after March 1, 2020 will expire on March 31, 2021.

REVISED — RFP for Asian Carp Brand Development, Limited Marketing Strategy & Implementation

UPDATE! The revised RFP is now available for Asian Carp Brand Development, Limited Marketing Strategy & Implementation. Subconsultant to IDNR and SIU, Tetra Tech is requesting proposals from qualified vendors to develop a new, positive brand for Asian carp and create a limited marketing strategy. We have combined funds for certain implementation activities and have increased the overall budget for the work. Further information regarding this RFP can be found here. Pre-Bid Meeting presentation can be found here.

Alligator Gar Update

Alligator Gar is the largest fish native to Illinois. In 2010, the IDNR's Division of Fisheries began an Alligator Gar reintroduction program. During that time, Alligator Gar were stocked in a few waterways before the program had a brief hiatus in 2014 – 2015. In 2016, this program become active again with more research backing up this stocking initiative to help ensure success of survivability.

We continue to monitor the success of this program, as well as the overall management of this species. A new regulation was put in place this year for Alligator Gar, and we've got a management update for you here.

The IDNR asks for your help in gaining valuable information about Alligator Gar growth and movement. Please call (309)543-3316 to report your catch.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer any fishing-related questions you may have. Simply send us an email through our "contact us" and we are happy to provide you with the information you're seeking. We also have a Frequently Asked Question page that you may find helpful. We've compiled a list of some of our most frequently asked questions via email and provided that information for you here. Check it out — you may learn something new about fishing in Illinois!

Stop the Spread of Invasive Species

Remove, Drain, Dry: As the boats come out of storage, we'd like to remind you to be aware of invasive species that pose a threat to our lands and waterways. To fight the spread of aquatic invaders, the IDNR is asking residents to "be a hero transport zero." The best way to stop the spread of invasive species is to remove, drain, and dry your boats after use in any Illinois waterway. Learn more here.