Illinois DNR Fishing Tournament Permit Information System

Welcome to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Fishing Tournament Permit Information System web page. Using this online system, you can apply for a permit, monitor the status of a permit applictation, view your already-scheduled and approved fishing tournaments, and electronically report tournament catch data. The Illinois DNR's Fisheries Division uses tournament information to effectively manage our valuable fisheries resources.

We appreciate your cooperation with filling out your tournament information and reporting your tournament results.

IMPORTANT: See criteria here for specific requirements under Administrative Rule 810, Sec. 810.90, Sportfishing Regulations.

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NOTE TO TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS: The Illinois Department of Natural Resources Division of Fisheries approves fishing tournament applications according to biological merit. However, all applicants should be aware that waters not owned by the State of Illinois can deny applications for any reason and applicants are encouraged to contact those sites prior to application submission to ensure the site is available.

Contact us if you need any assistance with your tournament applications.