IDNR Biologists Offer Fish Restocking Advice to Pond Owners

Many Ponds and Small Lakes Experience Winter Fish Kills

SPRINGFIELD, IL — The Illinois Department of Natural Resources Division of Fisheries is receiving reports of fish kills on lakes and ponds around the state. Dead fish have become apparent as ice cover thaws. IDNR biologists emphasize that occasional fish kills are natural and occur when light cannot penetrate ice, slowing the growth of algae and plants that produce oxygen. It is often difficult to determine the full extent of a winter fish kill since not all fish killed may be visible. As a result, many pond owners are seeking additional information on the cause, and advice on restocking after a winter fish kill.

IDNR biologists can provide proper stocking advice for your specific pond, especially if species are present other than what is listed below.

General stocking guidelines for the smallest fish available are as follows:

Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 follow-up: