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  • Scientific Name: Ambloplites rupestris
  • Found in Illinois: Statewide
  • State Average: 7.3"
  • State Record: 1 lb/10 oz (1987)
  • Best Lures: jigs, small spoons

Angling Tips:

Look for rock bass near the edge of deep pools or where there are medium-sized rocks piled together. Rock bass target crayfish, dragonfly nymphs and other underwater creatures that make their homes near shoreline or rocks. They are ambush predators and will hide in the cracks and crannies of rock piles or in the shoreline rip-rap.

Habitat: Rock bass prefer substrate with a rocky bottom. They often hide near large boulders, rock piles, or tree roots.

Feeding and Habits: Rock bass eat primarily aquatic insects, but larger individuals will prey on crayfish and minnows when the opportunity arises.

Reproduction: Male rock bass build nests over gravel substrate in a slight current often next to a large boulder. Females then deposit up to 10,000 eggs in a nest, often with more than one female using the same nest. Males remain over the nest to fan the eggs and maintain water flow over the eggs until they hatch in three to four days. Rock bass typically reach maturity in 3 years.