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Lake Information

County: Kane

Acreage: 40

Recreational Amenities

Boat Fishing? Electric motors only

Boat Ramps? Yes

Boat Rental? No

Skiing? No

Swimming? No

Picnicking? Yes

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There are no zebra mussels in this lake.

Fish Stocking






Channel Catfish

Advanced Fingerling 4 - 7"



Channel Catfish

Advanced Fingerling 4 - 7"


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Fishing Outlook  ( Full PDF Report )

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Fish Status



Black crappie captured in this survey ranged in size from 6.5 to 11.9 inches, the largest weighing 1.0 pound. Only one of the six crappie captured was greater than the nine inch minimum length limit. Crappie are difficult to manage in small lakes, having catch rates that fluctuate greatly from year to year.


Very Good

Bluegill captured ranged in size from 2.6 to 7.6 inches, with an average size of 5.7 inches. 51% of the catch was longer than six inches. The results of the survey indicated a very healthy bluegill population that would benefit from responsible harvest.



Common carp were not overly abundant in this survey. Five common carp were measured from a sub-sample ranging in size from 7.1 to 23.1 inches, averaging 14.8 inches. The heaviest one weighed 7.5 pounds. Common carp have been very abundant in this lake during previous surveys and unlimited harvest is encouraged for this detrimental species.



Channel catfish were not captured in this survey. Spring time boat electrofishing is not an effective method of capturing channel catfish. IDNR stocks non-vulnerable channel catfish annually in Jericho Lake. Site Regulation: Six fish daily limit.


Very Good

Largemouth bass were caught at well over what is considered to be a healthy abundance measure. Largemouth bass ranged in length from 2.5 to 19.3 inches. The average size bass was 11.6 inches. The heaviest bass weighed 3.9 pounds. 16% of the bass captured were over the 15 inch minimum length limit. High relative weight (a measure or “plumpness”) indicates that this population, while abundant, has plenty of forage (food). Forage species include gizzard shad, bluegill, black crappie and golden shiner. Multiple sizes (year classes) indicate successful reproduction and recruitment in this lake.

Location: Jericho Lake is located on the west side of Aurora, in Kane County. Jericho Lake Park is located on the south side of Jericho Road, 0.4 miles west of Orchard Road.

Description: Jericho Lake is a 20.9 acre reclaimed rock quarry with a maximum depth of 26.2 feet. It is a steep-sided lake with clear water. The lake is owned and maintained by the Fox Valley Park District (FVPD) as a community park. The shoreline is mowed in several areas to allow access for shore fishing. There is a boat ramp for small boats with electric motors only. Carry-in water craft are a better option. A picnic area and Frisbee golf course are located in the adjacent park. There are several mowed areas to provide excellent shore fishing.

History and Status of the Sport Fishery: In addition to the species listed, gizzard shad, blackstripe topminnow, green sunfish, Golden shiner, and yellow bullhead are also in this waterbody. Very large schools of gizzard shad were observed on a follow-up trip. Yellow bass, yellow perch, smallmouth bass and channel catfish have also been captured here.

Contact Information:
Fox Valley Park District
IDNR Fisheries Biologist, Andy Plauck