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Ice Fishing in Illinois

While the snow flies in Illinois, this region of the nation offers anglers an opportunity to fish almost any spot of a lake or river without a boat. Ice fishing does, however, require different tools and techniques than freshwater fishing. The IDNR is reminding anglers that heading to their favorite frozen fishing holes also comes with risks this time of year.

"The IDNR cannot stress enough the importance of safety when ice fishing. Ice fishing can be a great and fun time, but can change into a dangerous situation in just seconds. Being prepared and ready for anything can save your life," said IDNR Conservation Police Chief Rafael Gutierrez. Whether you're a season veteran to ice fishing, or just getting started, there's no better time than the present to get out there and enjoy some fishing! Read our ice fishing tips here.

2017 Asian Carp Action Plan

The Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee (ACRCC) released its Fiscal Year 2017 Action Plan. This Plan details 60 high-priority strategic measures designed to manage the threat of four species of invasive Asian carp in the Great Lakes. The Plan serves as a foundation for the work of the ACRCC partnership — a collaboration of 27 U.S. and Canadian federal, state, provincial, and local agencies and organizations.
"Each member of the ACRCC plays an important role in keeping Asian carp from becoming established in the Great Lakes, and the IDNR was proud to lead efforts to remove over one million pounds of Asian carp from the upper Illinois River in 2016," said IDNR Asian carp biologist Kevin Irons. "Working together, we are keeping them away from the electric barrier system and out of Lake Michigan."
Read the Asian Carp Action Plan

Alligator Gar Reintroduction Program

Alligator Gar is the largest fish native to Illinois. With records dating back to prehistoric years, this species had not been seen in the state since the last documented Alligator Gar catch in the Cache River cutoff channel in southern Illinois in 1966. Alligator Gar were officially declared extinct in Illinois in the 1990s. The program had a brief hiatus in 2014 – 2015, but times are changing, and this program is once again becoming active with more research backing up this stocking initiative to help ensure success of survivability. Read more about this program here.

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Stop the Spread of Invasive Species

Remove, Drain, Dry: As the boats come out of storage, we'd like to remind you to be aware of invasive species that pose a threat to our lands and waterways. To fight the spread of aquatic invaders, the IDNR is asking residents to "be a hero transport zero." The best way to stop the spread of invasive species is to remove, drain, and dry your boats after use in any Illinois waterway. Learn more here.