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Lake Information

County: Perry

Acreage: 230

Recreational Amenities

Boat Fishing? Unlimited HP/No Wake Only

Boat Ramps? Yes

Boat Rental? No

Skiing? No

Swimming? No

Picnicking? Yes

Camping? Yes

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There are no zebra mussels in this lake.

Fish Stocking













Additional information for stocking on PYRAMID-SUPER LAKE

Fishing Outlook  ( Full PDF Report )

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Fish Status



The bluegill population is average. Bluegill over 7 inches have been collected during past surveys, but infrequently. Site Regulation: 25 fish daily limit.


Very Good

The channel catfish population appears to be very good. Seven catfish (3-5 lbs) were collected during the 2019 spring trap netting survey. Site Regulation: 6 fish daily limit.


Very Good

Super Lake has a very good crappie population consisting of both black and white crappie. Most crappie collected during surveys are over 10 inches in length. Site Regulation: 25 fish daily limit.



Because electrofishing is not an option at Super Lake, very little is known about the largemouth bass population. One largemouth bass (3.5 lbs) was collected during the 2019 survey. Site Regulation: Creel limit of 5 fish under 14" and one fish over 18"; there is a protected slot of 14-18" (no possession).



Super Lake is stocked annually with muskie if available. IDNR collected 8 muskie during 2019 spring trap netting, the largest measuring 45 inches in length. Muskie over 40 inches have been collected 2 years in a row. If you catch a tagged muskie from Super Lake DO NOT REMOVE THE TAG. Please contact Nick Abell, IDNR Fisheries Biologist by phone at 618-967-0952 or email at with the following information: date of catch, length of fish, and tag number (5 digits). If the tag number is covered with algae simply scrape the algae away with your fingernail or a knife. Anyone providing a tag number will receive the history of that particular fish.

Location: Pyramid State Park is located south of Pinckneyville in Perry County. The Captain Section is accessed off Panda Bear Road. From State Route 127, head west on Pyatt-Cutler Road. About 6 miles west of Pyramid State Park, turn north onto Panda Bear Road.

Description: Super Lake is a strip cut lake located on the Captain Section of the Arch Portion of Pyramid State Park. At 230 acres, Super Lake is the largest lake on the Arch Portion of Pyramid State Park. There is a two lane concrete boat launch, floating docks and bathroom facilities at this lake.

History and Status of the Sport Fishery: As a result of high water conductivity, electrofishing is not an effective sampling tool at this lake. All information is based on spring trap netting surveys.

Additional Lake Information: 2 pole and line fishing only and bowfishing is allowed. All live bait in excess of 8" must be rigged with a quick set rig. Please note that fishing is prohibited from November 1 through February 28. Maps of 23 lakes located on the Arch Portion of Pyramid State Park can be obtained via email by sending a request to

Tagged Fish: Please report tagged muskie to the Department of Natural Resources at 618-529-4100. Please provide tag number, length of muskie, and catch date.

Note: A new horsepower rule went into effect February of 2018: Unlimited HP motor limit and all boats/motors must be operated at no wake speed.

Site Regulations:
Largemouth bass: 5 fish under 14” and fish 1 over 18” limit, 14–18 inch protected slot (no possession)
Bluegill or redear sunfish: 25 fish daily limit
Crappie: 25 fish daily limit
Channel catfish: 6 fish daily limit
Muskellunge: 1 fish daily limit, 48" minimum length.

Contact Information:
Pyramid State Park:
IDNR Fisheries Biologist, Nick Abell

There were 7 tournaments held on this waterbody in 2019.

Species Total Fish Caught
Largemouth Bass 192

Top 5 Largemouth Bass caught on this waterbody in 2019 tournaments:

1     6.12 lbs
2     5.38 lbs
3     5.06 lbs
4     4.75 lbs
5     4.56 lbs

Top 5 Bag Weights of Largemouth Bass caught on this waterbody in 2019 tournaments:

1 98.75 lbs
2 52.02 lbs
3 51.25 lbs
4 35.20 lbs
5 23.06 lbs