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Lake Information

County: Pike

Acreage: 241

Average Depth: 11.97 feet

Shoreline Length: 7.6 miles

Recreational Amenities

Boat Fishing? 10hp

Boat Ramps? Yes

Boat Rental? No

Skiing? No

Swimming? No

Picnicking? Yes

Camping? Yes

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There are no zebra mussels in this lake.

Lake Status Summary  ( Full PDF Report )

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Avg Wt.


Fish Status

Channel catfish


4.1 lbs


Channel catfish have a fair population with little reproduction. Indivduals between 16.7 and 27.6 inches, weighing between 1.5 to 10.4 pounds were collected in the last survey.





The last survey indicated a small, stunted population with a few big ones

Flathead catfish


3.9 lbs


Though the flathead population is not as strong, we have had reports of a couple 50 to 60 pound fish caught earch year by anglers.

Hybrid Striped Bass (Wiper)


5 lbs


Hybrid striped bass have been stocked regularly since 1982 and are an under-fished species in Lake Pittsfield. The best fishing is March through October trolling open water near the dam. When successful shad spawns occur, hybrids can be seen breaking the surface while chasing shad schools. The average weight between 5 to 10 pounds. Most recent population survey collected individuals between 11.9 and 28.9 inches long and weighing between 0.7 and 11.9 pounds.

Largemouth bass


4.3 lbs


Lake Pittsfield supports a stable largemouth bass population dominated by 1 to 3 pound fish, though many larger fish are present. Fish are in good condition. During a recent population survey, the largest bass was 21", 6.1 pounds. The best bass fishing is in April - October along rip rap and in and around fallen trees.



5 lbs


This is probably the most under-fished species in the lake. Walleye have been stocked yearly since 1987. 10 pounders are caught yearly, and a recent population survey found walleye between 18.5 and 22 inches, weighting 1.9 to 3.7 pounds. Best fishing is March through October along points on the west bank. Anglers can expect an average weight between 1 to 5 pounds.

Location: Lake Pittsfield is located in Pike County in West-Central Illinois between Pittsfield and Griggsville south of Interstate 72 and east of Route 107.

Description: Lake Pittsfield is a 240 acre artificial impoundment completed in 1960 as part of a PL 566 flood control project. The lake is currently the water supply for the City of Pittsfield. Pittsfield Lake has a maximum depth of 34 feet and an average depth of 12.3 feet. Shoreline length is 5.2 miles. The western shoreline of the lake is predominately steep-sided and does not provide much bank angling access. The eastern shoreline is comprised of shallow flats, rip-rap shoreline and excellent aquatic vegetation beds. Underwater, fallen trees and submerged stumps are found throughout the lake.

History and Status of the Sport Fishery: The IDNR Division of Fisheries has been supplementally stocking Lake Pittsfield with fish raised in the Illinois Hatchery System. These sport fish include walleye and striped bass hybrids.

Additional Lake Information: Pittsfield Lake is a city-owned lake and requires a boat permit. There is also a boat launch fee. There are two boat launches, one on the north end of the lake off of County Road 1700N and the other on the east side of the lake off of County Road 3275E. There is a 25 horsepower limit (all propellers must be removed from motors larger than 25 hp ) with a no wake regulation. 2 pole and line fishing only. There is a nearby bait shop: Neff's Bait Shop (217) 833-2178.

Contact Information:
City Hall
Pittsfield City Hall

2016 Approved or Pending Tournaments
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September-17, SatSeptember-18, SunPITTSFIELD LAKE 12No