Past Fishing Reports

Fishing Report Summaries for all waters


Fox River - North —  WALLEYE: Use live minnows 3-5 inches long for walleyes.   NORTHERN PIKE: Northern pike are also grabbing the live minnows 3-5 inches long.   SMALLMOUTH BASS: Smallmouth bass are also being caught using live minnows 3-5 inches long.

Mississippi - Anna/Jonesboro-Gorham —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Lots of minnows selling at the bait shop! Seem to be best near the docks at Kincaid Lake with a minnow. Some 12 inch black nose crappie have been taken recently. Fish are more active during early morning hours.  BLUEGILL: Fair: Put a minnow under a bobber near weed lines or grass in area ponds.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair: Fish being caught at Kincaid lake and area ponds with topwater baits, frogs, plastic worms, crawdad colored crankbaits and watermelon power worms off the ends of points; let it hit the bottom in 10 feet of water.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Anglers catching some nice sized fish in the River and mouths of ditches with shad. Also using gold fish and beef liver on trot lines. Bank poles are also being baited with a variety of regular catfish baits.

Mississippi - Belleville —  CRAPPIE: Good: Starting to bite on minnows and move into shallower levels.  WHITE BASS: Fair: Anglers catching fish with minnows and lures on the south side of Horseshoe Lake near the rip-rap.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Anglers successful with minnows. The river has been producing a few fish with skip jack, shad, and night crawlers along the edges, in holes, and off ledges.

Mississippi - Lock & Dam 21 —  CRAPPIE: Pretty Good: Fish are biting! Anglers catching fish with minnows up pretty close. Check out the ditches to the river and area lakes.

Mississippi - Pool 13 Savanna —  CRAPPIE: Good: Anglers catching really nice sized fish on minnows in area ponds and lakes; the fall feeding bit is on!  BLUEGILL: Good: Nice sized fish are being caught by casting a wax worm in area ponds near weed lines or structure.   YELLOW PERCH: Good: Lots of fish being reeled in with night crawlers near the wing dams.

Mississippi - Pool 14-15 East Moline —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Good: Quite a few are starting to bite on a minnow or a wax worm; check out the Hennepin Canal, Andalusia Slough, Sylvan Slough and area lakes.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Cast live bait from the shorelines along the edges at Hampton in the Parkway and the Rock River.

Mississippi - Pool 14-15 Rock Island —  CRAPPIE: Good: Fish are starting their fall feed - Minnows are the most popular bait. Hot spots are Sunset Lake, Sylvan Slough and Arsenal Dam.   BLUEGILL: Good: Cast wax worms near docks and weed lines. Area's that have been producing are Twin Sisters backwater area, Hennepin Rd. Lake Bridge, and Sunset Lake.   STRIPED BASS: Good: Fishermen have been catching fish at Steel Dam, Sylvan Slough, and the Arsenal Dam.   WALLEYE: Good: Fish are being caught by dragging a jig and Twister tail at the mouth of Sunset Lake down to the mouth of the Rock River, Sylvan Slough, and at Steel Dam.   SAUGER: Good: Cast a jig and minnow at the mouth of the Sunset Lake to the mouth of the Rock River, Steel Dam area, and Sylvan Slough.   SMALLMOUTH BASS: Good: Cast a jig, jig with a minnow, or Mepps spinners.

Mississippi - Pool 18 Gladstone —  CRAPPIE: Pretty Good: Fish are biting on minnows in the river where there is quiet water. Lots of minnows selling and success is picking up.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Stink bait and some night crawlers are being used in the creeks, and backwater areas along the edges, holes, and near rocks. Doing decent!

Mississippi - Pool 21 Quincy —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Catching a few with minnows and jigs near brush as they start to move up into shallower levels.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Using night crawlers and stink bait in deeper holes, creeks, and along the edges and ledges.

Mississippi - Pool 25-26 Grafton —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Good: Some Fish are being taken with minnows and a few jigs also used. Liquor chartreuse, baby shad, blue and white or little white jigs are popular. Fish slowly moving up into shallower water levels as the temperature cools.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Stink Bait is popular along the edges. Skip jack and cut bait are producing some larger fish in the main river channel.

Mississippi - Pool 26 Alton —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Picking up! Coming in and starting to bite on both a jig or minnow; look for fish mostly in area lakes, but also backwaters, creeks, & marina's; out of the current quiet areas. Fishing success is improving.   BLUEGILL: Fair: Cast a wax worm or cricket under a bobber near weed pockets, laydowns, or brush in both the river and area ponds.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Skip jack, night crawlers, minnows, grubs, and cut baits are popular in the river holes, along the drop offs, and ledges.

Mississippi - Pool Woodriver —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Starting to catch a few with minnows. Minnow sales are picking up. Lakes and ponds best!   STRIPED BASS: Fair to Good: Anglers catching nice sized fish this past week with Gay Blades.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair to Good: Catching them with night crawlers and stink bait in holes, near the edges, and near drop offs or ledges.

Mississippi- St. Clair —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Good: Success is improving. Look for fish slowly moving up and biting on minnows as the water temperatures cool.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Have been some catching fish with night crawlers and medium sized shiners from the quiet spots and deeper holes.

Ohio - Golconda, Smithland Pool —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Lots of minnows selling! Catching several with minnows. Some fishing in the quiet areas of creeks with minnows. Lusk Creek is the most popular. Changing water levels due to the dam work has slowed activity some, but the cooler weather temperatures should improve success.  BLUEGILL: Fair: Fish biting on crickets near weed lines, structure, and cover in area ponds and the marina.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Barely Fair: Some fish being taken from up creeks using spinner baits, plastics, rubber worms, frogs, buzz baits, and small crawdad crankbaits. Lusk Creek seems to be the most popular.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Night crawlers and stink bait are producing in holes and along the edges with bank poles, trot lines, or from a boat near mouths of creeks and the main channel. Also try livers, or shad for bait.

Ohio - Olmstead to Brookport —  CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Fishermen are finding some fish with stink bait and night crawlers near logs, log jams, in holes, and near ledges and drop offs.   CRAPPIE: Fair: Check out Mermet Lake with minnows. Need cooler water temperatures for better success, but fish are starting to move up some.

Ohio - Shawneetown, Metropolis —  BLUEGILL: Fair to Good: Toss crickets, red worms, or night crawlers outside of weed beds or weed lines and near structure or cover. Mermet lake is a good spot to fish, but some also being taken from the river.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair to Good: Shad guts are popular bait in the main channel. Bank poles, trot lines, and fishing from a boat are catching some fish using night crawlers, sucker minnows, cut baits, shad, and stink bait. Check out the deeper holes and along ledges.

Rock - Byron-Dixon —  CRAPPIE: Slow: Picking up just a few Crappie and white Bass with minnows - success should improve with cooler water temperatures.   SAUGER: Fair: Lots are being caught with a jig head with a minnow. Light colored water use dark colored jigs; dark colored water use light colored jigs.   WALLEYE: Fair: Anglers are picking up a few with a minnow or a jighead and some weight below the dams.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Worms and shrimp are producing in the holes. Flathead Catfish have been slow recently.

Rock - Carbon Cliff —  CRAPPIE: Fair to good: Quite a few fish are biting on minnows or a wax worms in quiet water areas of the river. Good spots are Andalusia Slough, Hennepin Canal, Sunset Marina, and area lakes.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair to Good: Fish are being caught with live bait in the canal.   BLUEGILL: Fair: A few bluegill are being taken with wax worms.

Rock - Freeport —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Decent: Summer Set Lake, Lake Carroll, & Apple Canyon Lake are producing fish with large minnows during early morning hours in the shallow levels; try trout worms, wax worms, or spikes. Barely Fair: Anglers are working harder to find fish: Apple Canyon Lake and Summerset Lake are producing a few fish on leeches and grub tails. is producing 10 inch + sized fish suspended in 12 to 15 feet of water with leeches and little crickets. (Leeches are working awesome). Lake Carroll is producing smaller sized fish with minnows. Move around from shallow levels to deep.   BLUEGILL: Fair: Apple Canyon Lake is producing a few fish with crickets near structure. Summerset Lake and Lake Carroll also has fish biting on small jigs and baits.   YELLOW PERCH: Good: Fish the Harbor area near Dubuque on the Mississippi and the Pecatonica River with large minnows.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Fish are biting on night crawlers in the Rivers; stink bait success has slowed down.

Rock - Milan —  CRAPPIE: Good: The bite is on! Anglers using minnows and reeling them in.   BLUEGILL: Good: Offer a wax worm under a bobber near weed beds or weed lines.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Good: Cast spinnerbaits, frogs, or plastics near submerged brush or cover.   WALLEYE: Good: Anglers have been successful using minnows and a crawler harness.   SAUGER: Good: Fish have been biting on a crawler harness and minnows.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Great: Toss a night crawler, stink bait, or liver in a hole along the edges.

Rock - Rock Falls —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Minnows are selling! Rockwood Lake and area ponds are producing a few.   BLUEGILL: Fair: Put a wax worm under a bobber near weed beds and weed lines. Rockwood Lake is a great place to fish.   WALLEYE: Fair: Troll and cast crankbaits in the river near the lower dam.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Fish along the edges with stink bait, chicken liver, or night crawlers with bank poles or from a boat. Check out the brush piles and log jams.

Rock - Rockford —  BLUEGILL: Good: Crappie minnows, mini mites, and tiny twister tails tipped with wax worms are working!. Channel Lake,Olson Lake and Pierce Lake are good places to fish in shallow water levels.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair to Good: Area ponds are best this past week. Fish have been hitting on small crankbaits and rubber worms.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Loads of Fish are biting on stink bait and minnows in the holes.  CRAPPIE: Good: The river is producing nice sized fish suspended 1/2 way down; sometimes in 10-15 feet of water. the river edges have plenty of fish. Fish are biting at channel Lake on crappie minnows.   WALLEYE: Fair to Good: Look for fish biting on a jig and minnow or a jig in the Pecatonica River. look in the quiet sides out of the current, holes and bottom brush.

Wabash - Grayville —  CHANNEL CATFISH: Slow: Hoop nets are somewhat productive. Trot lines are producing fiddlers with stink bait from the river and creeks. Some Flathead Catfish being caught.   BUFFALO: Decent: Still catching some fish in hoop nets this past week.  CARP: Barely Fair: Some fish being caught in the creeks and along the edges with night crawlers or corn.

Wabash - Mt. Carmel —  CHANNEL CATFISH: Slow: A few caught in hoop nets recently. Trot lines are producing some fiddler sized fish with stink bait. Check out the logs and log jams.   BUFFALO: Fair: Some fish being taken with hoop nets from the main channel.

Wabash - New Harmony —  CHANNEL CATFISH: slow: Fishermen are catching just a few fish with hoop nets. Trot lines have been producing some fiddlers with stink bait. Check out the creeks.   BUFFALO: Fair: Picking up some fish this past week with hoop nets.

Wabash - New Haven —  CHANNEL CATFISH: Slow: Fishermen finding some fish in the main channel with a pole and line baited with cut bait or stink bait and near logs and brush piles in the river. Trot lines and bank poles are being baited with stink bait. Fish weighing in at 10 to 12 pounds have been taken this past week. Catching big fiddlers and white catfish.   STRIPED BASS: Fair: Cast a white jig or jig and twister tail off the banks. Watch for them in moving water feeding on shad. A 9 pounder was weighed in this past week along with several 1 to 2 pounders.


Gladstone Lake —  CRAPPIE: Pretty good: Anglers are catching fish with minnows as they continue to move up into shallower levels! Success is picking up on both the river and Lake.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Anglers using minnows, stink bait, and a few night crawlers in holes or near ledges and drop offs.


Atwood, Lake —  BLUEGILL: Bluegill and other pan fish are there.

Fox Chain O'Lakes - 1 —  CRAPPIE: Crappies are good in shallows and breaks.   WHITE BASS: White bass are also good in shallows and breaks.   WALLEYE: Walleyes seem to be on points and breaks on minnows and rip jigs.   MUSKIE: Muskies are moving deeper and feeding on shad. The FRV also stocked 450 muskies in this week. Awesome job!

Michigan-Central/North Lake —  YELLOW PERCH: Quite a few small perch at Montrose  RAINBOW TROUT: Small rainbows at Montrose  BLUEGILL: Bluegills over at Diversey Harbor  CRAPPIE: Crappie also at Diversey Harbor

Three Oaks Recreation Area —  NORTHERN PIKE: This lake has been good for northern pike. Use a shallow running crank bait.   SMALLMOUTH BASS: Smallmouth bass are being caught also using a shallow running crank bait.

East Central

Bloomington, Lake —  HYBRID STRIPED BASS: Slow to Fair: with a couple caught on jigs, and roadrunners.   BLUEGILL: Fair: but small on waxies around seawalls and docks.   CRAPPIE: Fair: on jigs and/or minnows at coves.

Charleston Side Channel —  CRAPPIE: Good: Improving! Starting to pick up some from the river & creeks; look for fish in the Kaskaskia River where the river meets Lake Shelbyville in 4 feet of water with mostly minnows. Lots of small sizes, but can get a good one sometimes. Mill Creek Lake and area ponds are also producing on minnows. Anglers catching good numbers of fish.  CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Cast or troll cheese bait in the middle of the lake or near weed beds; follow the river channel in the deeper water.

Clinton Lake —  CRAPPIE: Very Good: Everywhere - All over the lake!! Going Crazy! The fall feed is on! Cast minnows during early morning hours or late evening hours in shallow water levels 3 to 5 feet near the shorelines. Chartreuse colored jigs are also popular. Lots & Lots of minnows selling at the bait shop - hundreds of dozens of minnows. Fish are 9 to 12 inch average size.  WALLEYE: Fair: A couple reported being caught with a jig and minnow or a jig and worm.  WHITE BASS: Fair: Starting to pick up fish with a jig and minnow or jig and twister tail.  CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair:: A few bigger fish being caught with minnows around the edges. The Dewitt Bridge area is a good spot to fish!

Dawson Lake —  CRAPPIE: Pretty Good: starting! Fish are beginning to bite on minnows and crappie jigs; Mostly in the 9 to 11 inch size range.   BLUEGILL: Pretty Good: Fishermen are finding some good sized fish around the edges near weeds and cover with wax worms.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair: Try topwater baits and spinnerbaits. Cooler weather temperatures in the forecast - should improve the bite soon!   CHANNEL CATFISH: Pretty Good: Stink bait and worms have been successful around the edges and in holes.

Decatur, Lake —  WALLEYE: Fair: A few nice sized fish have been biting on worms and curly tails in the Kaskaskia River.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: A speck slower this week; fish are being taken with skip jack, shad guts, cheesebait, night crawlers, and shrimp below the dam.   CRAPPIE: Fair: Some limits being caught everyday! Still deeper levels in the lake; fish shallower levels in the river. Early and Late best! A few being caught with minnows or jigs, tube jigs, and sliders in a variety of colors.

Evergreen Lake —  LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair: on plastics, jigs, and spinnerbaits off points and out from shore timber.   BLUEGILL: Fair: but small on wax worms along weed edges or shoreline timber.   CRAPPIE: Fair: on jigs and/or minnows around brush.   SAUGER: Slow: Saugeye have been a little slow recently.

Lincoln Trail Lake —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Starting to catch a few with jigs and minnows in 10 to 12 feet of water; still a little deep, but picking up; cooler temperatures should improve success.   BLUEGILL: Good: Cast a wax worm or red wiggler near structure or weed lines.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Barely Fair: Anglers fishing during early morning or later evening hours with spinnerbaits and buzz baits.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Barely Fair: Night crawlers and shrimp are attracting some attention along the edges and around brush; best during early and late hours.   REDEAR SUNFISH: Good: Nice sized fish have been caught off the dock with a red wiggler recently. Lower a red wiggler quietly near structure or cover. Try to place it just above them.

Mattoon, Lake —  CRAPPIE: Good: Anglers are catch fish in the shallower levels. Some good sized fish are biting on minnows.   STRIPED BASS: Good: Fishermen are catching fish while fishing for crappie with minnows. Good sized ones!   BLUEGILL: Good: Fish are hitting on wax worms near weed lines, grass, and structure.

Mill Creek Lake —  CRAPPIE: Good: Nice sized fish have moved up and biting on jigs, minnows, and some red wigglers; early mornings best. Also try crappie sliders or tube jigs. Try a different bait everyday if needed. The river has been producing more than Lake Charleston in the area. Mattoon Lake is also a Hot spot!   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair to Good: Some nice ones are being taken with spinnerbaits, shallow running crankbaits, frogs, Shakey Head worms, small jigs; Bitsy Bugs and Bitsy Flips, with or without trailers. Also a few Carolina Rigs. Area ponds are producing Good.  CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair to Good: Fish biting on cheesebait in holes, along the edges, and near drop offs and ledges.

Mingo, Lake —  BLUEGILL: Fair to Good: Look for larger fish in the deeper water levels. Cast wax worms near structure, weed beds, or weed lines.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Anglers have been drifting shad or chicken liver.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair: Cast jigs and worms in deeper water levels near wood. Other popular baits are crayfish lures, dark colored rubber worms, chatter baits, and spinnerbaits.

Paradise, Lake —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Good: Fish are moving up into the shallower levels and biting on minnows.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Anglers are drift fishing from a boat or casting around the edges using shad, shrimp, and worms.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair: A few nice sized fish being reeled in from near cover with plastic lures, chatter baits, or spinner baits.

Paris Twin Lakes —  CRAPPIE: Pretty Fair: Need cooler temperatures, but some are being caught with minnows.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair to Good: Cast a spinnerbait during early morning hours. Quite a few fish being found.   WALLEYE: Fair: Fish along the piers and near the boat ramp on the main lake with jigs and a twister tail or a jig and minnow.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Drag a night crawler, chicken liver or stink bait fairly close near brush, docks, holes, or cover along the banks and edges. Be patient and let the stink work for you.

Shelbyville, Lake —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Good: Fish are being picked up - check out 4 feet of water where the Kaskaskia River meets the bigger water and Wilburn creek area with a jig and minnow. Lots of smaller sizes, but a good one sometimes.   WALLEYE/SAUGER: Fair: A few with Carolina Rigs and trolling chartreuse or fire tiger colored rattletraps near the dam.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair to Good: A few nice sized fish have been caught on shad or cut bait recently. Some finding a few fish off the flats and in holes along the edges. A Flathead Catfish is reeled in once in a while at the dam.   WHITE BASS: Barely Fair: Catching one here and there while fishing for bass with plastic or crankbaits. Look for the shad -- Lots of shad in the lake for them to eat.

Vermilion, Lake —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Starting to bite! Still look for them near cover with a minnow.   BLUEGILL: Fair to Good: Cast a wax worm under a bobber near structure, weed pockets or weed lines.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair: Picking up as the water temps cool. Cast spinnerbaits or crankbaits.   SMALLMOUTH BASS: Fair: Anglers using crankbaits and tubes on the rocks. Also successful near rocks up the river.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Fishermen drifting shad and chicken liver.

Walnut Point Lake —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Anglers picking up some fish with minnows around brush in 6 feet of water.   BLUEGILL: Good: Fish biting on wax worms in 4 feet of water.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Look for fish in 3 to 4 feet of water with a night crawler or chicken liver; some nice ones are being reeled in.


Rend Lake —  LARGEMOUTH BASS: Good using minnows spinnerbaits, worms & black/blue jigs. Reports of fish being caught around Jackie Branch, Sandusky Cove, and below the dam. Fish in shallow bays near brush cover and bushes. Fish around bridges and along the rocks.   CRAPPIE: Excellent using meal worms, qtr pink/white tube jigs, small & medium minnows. From shore, fish near structures, hot spots are Jackie Branch, Sandusky, Sailboat Harbor, Marcum coves, and Ina Boat Ramp. Try the Gun Creek Area. Fish the main lake drop off areas.   BLUEGILL: Good using small jigs, worms, meal worms, wax worms & crickets. From shore try Sailboat Harbor. Try fishing shallow with crickets, worms or small jigs. Fish in the back of necks and on flat shallow banks and on the rocks.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Excellent using large minnows, leeches, Hoss Haw Bait, nightcrawlers & Sonny stink bait. Try leeches in moving water. Drift fish the flats. Set line 3 to 4 feet from the shore over rocks. Try the Waltonville Dam, Turnip Patch, Jackie Branch, and North Sandusky Day Use Area.   WHITE BASS: Good using in-line spinners, jig & curly tail grubs. Reports of fish being caught around the 154 bridges. Fish around along the rocks and drop-offs Fish in shallow bays near brush cover and bushes.