Past Fishing Reports

Fishing Report Summaries for all waters


Mississippi - Anna/Jonesboro-Gorham —  CRAPPIE: Good: Nice sized fish! Look for them in fairly shallow levels along the banks with minnows, or jigs. Some 12 -14 inch fish have been taken from some area ponds.   BLUEGILL: Fair: Nice sized fish! Some are being reeled in with red wigglers under a bobber from fairly shallow water levels.   FLATHEAD CATFISH: Fair: Night crawlers are the bait of choice. Fishermen reported catching a 19 and 21 pounders. Also they reeled in an 8 pounder and a 20 pounder Blue catfish.

Mississippi - Belleville —  CRAPPIE: Good: Lots!! Nice sized fish are biting mostly on minnows; and a few jigs. beds at Frank Holden State Park. Nice sized fish in close at Horse Shoe Lake in approximately 1.5 feet of water   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair to Good: some fish are being taken from both Frank Holden State Park, Jones Lake, and Horseshoe Lake with night crawlers and some on minnows in approximately 10 feet of water out from the bank.   WHITE BASS: Anglers are reeling in a few from along the rip-rap with minnows.   RAINBOW TROUT: Very Good: Minnows and trout nibbles are producing nice sized fish. Don't miss out on them at Frank Holden State Park Lake and Jones Park Lake.

Mississippi - Lock & Dam 21 —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Good: Fish are biting on minnows; getting pretty active!   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Slow to fair: Smaller pools of water that are warmer are seeing some activity; try flashy spinnerbaits or jerk bait with a slow presentation.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Slow to Fair: Anglers are picking up a few on minnows while fishing for crappie. A 7 and 8 pounders were reported this past week.

Mississippi - Pool 13 Savanna —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Minnows are the bait of choice in area ponds and lakes.   WALLEYE: Good: Lots of night crawlers are selling at the bait shop. Jigs and twister tails are also good to try.

Mississippi - Pool 14-15 East Moline —  CRAPPIE: Fair: A few are being caught in this area with minnows.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Good: Anglers have been getting hits with artificial bait or flashy spinners.   WALLEYE: Fair: Look for them in the Mississippi River, sloughs, and near the Hampton Dam with a jig and minnow or twister tail.   NORTHERN PIKE: Fair: The Mississippi River and also the canal have been producing with a jig and minnow or twister tail.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Worms are the bait of choice; the canal is a good spot.

Mississippi - Pool 14-15 Rock Island —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Fishermen are catching some with minnows under a bobber at Sunset Marina and in the backwater areas.   BLUEGILL: Fair: Anglers using a wax worm or minnow under a bobber in the Canal, backwater areas, and at Sunset Lake.   HYBRID STRIPED BASS: Fair: Look for fish with Jigs and twister tails.

Mississippi - Pool 18 Gladstone —  CRAPPIE: Good: Wax worms are a popular bait at Gladstone Lake near brush piles. A few bass also being pulled off of the brush piles with lures.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Anglers are reeling in nice sized fish at Gladstone Lake. Night crawlers are the bait of choice.

Mississippi - Pool 21 Quincy —  CRAPPIE: Fair: A few fish are being taken with minnows.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair: Rattle traps and white tail spinners are popular; try anything with a white tail. Fish are hungry and are a little small sized so far.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Catching them in the big (wider) part of the river with shad guts, shad, worms, and night crawlers.

Mississippi - Pool 25-26 Grafton —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Good: Fish are biting on minnows. Area ponds and lakes are producing from fairly shallow water levels.

Mississippi - Pool 26 Alton —  CRAPPIE: Good: Shinners and Rosies! minnows are popular and attracting attention; hot spots are Lake Kincaid, Gillespie Lake, and HorseShoe Lake.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: Smaller sizes of fish being taken with worms.   CARP: Good: Worms are the bait of choice.

Mississippi - Pool Woodriver —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Look for them deep and coming up to 3 feet. There are some big fish out there to be caught; reports up to 17 inches from a farm pond to many 14 inches being reeled in; hot spots are Shelbyville, Coffeen, and Rend Lake with mostly minnows.   BLUEGILL: Slow to Fair: A few crickets are going out the door. Check out the warmer water areas, out of the wind and in the sunshine.   STRIPED BASS: Good: The river is producing on crankbaits.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair: A few are being caught; some trying dip bait, worms, cut Bighead or silver carp, and night crawlers.

Ohio - Golconda, Smithland Pool —  CRAPPIE: Fair: A few boats out on the creeks with minnows for bait.

Ohio - Olmstead to Brookport —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Good: Area ponds are producing with minnows.  REDEAR SUNFISH: Fair to Good: Mermet Lake is a good place to find fish. Anglers using red wigglers. Bluegill also biting in fairly shallow water levels.  CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Fishermen are catching nice sized fish with night crawlers and in commercial hoop nets.

Ohio - Shawneetown, Metropolis —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Good: Anglers finding fish in area farm ponds with minnows.   REDEAR SUNFISH: Fair to Good: Look for fish at Mermet Lake with red wigglers. Bluegill are also biting.

Rock - Byron-Dixon —  CRAPPIE: Fair: A few are biting on minnows as they move up into shallower water levels below the dam.   WALLEYE: Very Good: Fish are running!! Anglers using jig heads with a minnow and you might also try lures.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Very Good: Red worms are attracting attention; a few on night crawlers, and crushed minnows; cheese bait is still a little slower.

Rock - Carbon Cliff —  CRAPPIE: Fair: A few fish are being caught with mostly minnows.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Good: Anglers are using artificial baits and spinner baits; anything flashy.   WALLEYE: Fair: Picking up some fish at the Hampton Dam, from the Mississippi and the slough with a jig and minnow or a twistertail.   NORTHERN PIKE: Fair: Look for them with a jig and minnow or twister tail in the canal.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Worms are popular in the canal and Rock River.

Rock - Freeport —  CRAPPIE: Cannot keep crappie until the month of May at Apple Canyon and Lake Carroll. Catch and release until then.   WALLEYE: Good: The Pecatonica River, Mississippi River, Sugar River, and Rock River are producing fish on worms and minnows with a jig head and floaters; and a pretty good run with hair jigs. Some Northern Pike are also being caught.   RAINBOW TROUT: Excellent: Anglers using power bait and small fat heads on a little hook or jig with a slip bobber. Nice 12-14 inch fish are being reeled in.

Rock - Milan —  STRIPED BASS: Fair: A few are being caught with spoons in the canal and at the dam; fish size is averaging 1 pound.   BLUEGILL: Fair: Look for 1/2 pounders biting on red worms Sunset Lake   NORTHERN PIKE: Good: Smaller sized fish hitting spoons and jigs at the dam.

Rock - Rock Falls —  RAINBOW TROUT: Good: Anglers are reeling is nice sized 12 - 14 inch fish with nibbles, small minnows, or power bait. and

Rock - Rockford —  CRAPPIE: Good: Minnows and wax worms are the baits of choice. Fish are moving up as the water temperatures warm up.   BLUEGILL: Good: Anglers are using red worms, leaf worms, and wax worms, under a bobber in fairly shallow water levels.   NORTHERN PIKE: Fair: Northern Pike and Walleye have completed their spawn are are scattered.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Excellent! Anglers using Sonny's catfish bait and cut up suckers. Catching loads of them! The rain stirs them up and they bite better.   FRESHWATER DRUM: Good: Lots! Biting on worms. A fisherman reported catching 21 this past week.

Wabash - Grayville —  CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Lots of nice sized fish being caught in commercial hoop nets, trot lines, in backwater areas, and sloughs.   BUFFALO: Good: Commercial fishermen are catching nice sized fish in hoop nets set near a current.

Wabash - Mt. Carmel —  CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Night crawlers are popular as bait in area ponds and on trot lines. Commercial hoop nets are also producing nice sized fish.   BLUEGILL: Fair: Check our Beall Woods State Park Lake. Smaller sized fish hitting on wax worms under a bobber near structure.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair: Anglers getting a few hits with lures or jigs near brush piles.

Wabash - New Harmony —  CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Fishermen catching lots of nice fish in commercial hoop nets. Trot lines are also producing. Night crawlers are popular bait.

Wabash - New Haven —  LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair: Area ponds are producing on small lures and worms.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Lots of catfish being caught in commercial nets in the river with the rising water levels.


Michigan-North, Lake —  NORTHERN PIKE: Northerns off the south rocks.   BROWN TROUT: Browns off government pier and Johnson motor pier.   COHO SALMON: Cohos off government pier and Johnson motor pier.

Michigan-South, Lake —  COHO SALMON: Coho are hitting quite well all along the border of Chicago. Fish are outside the harbors taking night crawlers and large fathead minnows in 2- to 5-feet of water. Spoons, crank baits, and spinners are also effective.

East Central

Bloomington, Lake —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Slow: and a little scattered on jigs and/or minnows and roadrunners with crappie nibbles around brush or docks.

Charleston Side Channel —  CRAPPIE: Good: Bait shop sold 15 to 20 pounds of minnows this past week. Area ponds are producing with minnows in shallow water - under three feet deep. Some big ones! Mill Creek is a hot spot! Ponds in the Martinsville area are also producing.   BLUEGILL: Fair: Fish are out and moving. Toss a wax worm under a bobber in warmer water areas.   STRIPED BASS: Fair: A few are being taken from the rip rap and middle of the lake near the aerator with artificial bait and bass lures. Anglers are also picking up a sauger once in a while.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair to Good: Look for fish in the river with night crawlers.

Clinton Lake —  CRAPPIE: Good: Anglers are reeling in fish with minnows on their hooks.   BLUEGILL: Good: Look for fish in 12 to 15 feet of water with wax worms or red worms.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair to Good: A recent tournament had a great turnout with 120 boats on the water. Plastics were popular bait. White Bass are Fair: hitting on spoons.   WALLEYE: Fair to Good: Fishermen using crawlers and minnows over gravel beds and crawlers at the spillway.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Good: Cut bait is the most popular at the spillway; a few also using stink bait.

Dawson Lake —  CRAPPIE: Good: Look for fish around the docks with minnows.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair to Good: Artificial baits are being used at the dam.   WALLEYE: Fair: Some fish are being taken at the dam with minnows and worms.

Decatur, Lake —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Anglers finding fish with minnows or power bait in 10 feet of water. Look for them on the sunny side - out of the wind.

Evergreen Lake —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Slow: and scattered anywhere from 12-6 foot on jig/minnow.   SAUGER: Slow: Saugeye are somewhat slow. The new limit regulation for 2015 is Saugeye .. 18 inch Minimum Length Limit and 3 Fish Daily Creel Limit.   WHITE BASS: Fair: on jig/minnows with some nice sized fish.

Lincoln Trail Lake —  CRAPPIE: Good: A couple caught 45 to 50 fish with minnows right off the docks this week.   REDEAR SUNFISH: Fair: A few Redear and Bluegill are being reeled in with wax worms and small worms from fairly shallow water levels.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair: Several boats have caught fish recently.

Mattoon, Lake —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Good: Anglers using minnows and jigs in fairly shallow water - approximately 1.5 feet right off the docks.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair: Lures and jigs seem to be the choice of baits producing nice sized fish.   CHANNEL CATFISH: A tournament will be held on April 18th from 6:30 a.m. to 12:30. Ya all come! It's the first tournament of the year.

Mill Creek Lake —  CRAPPIE: Good: Biting good on minnows. Mill Creek is a hot spot in the area.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair to Good: An angler reported catching 5 recently; lures, artificial baits, and jigs are popular.

Mingo, Lake —  CRAPPIE: Fair: Mostly minnows being used in deeper water over brush.

Paradise, Lake —  CRAPPIE: Fair to Good: look for fish in shallow water levels with a jig and/or minnow near structure or brush.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair: Anglers using lures and jigs.

Paris Twin Lakes —  CRAPPIE: Good: Anglers are having decent luck catching fish with a minnow under a bobber off the banks on brush. Several boats have been on the lakes and several bank fishing at the dams.

Shelbyville, Lake —  CRAPPIE: Good: Anglers catching fish in 10 to 11 feet of water with minnows.   WALLEYE: Fair: Reports of fishermen reeling in fish up in the lake with worms.

Vermilion, Lake —  CRAPPIE: Slow: Anglers are reporting catching 2 or 3 with minnows.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Slow to Fair: Fish are scattered, but hitting on crankbaits and artificial plastics.   RAINBOW TROUT: Good: Nice sized fish are being taken with small minnows, nibbles, or power bait.

Walnut Point Lake —  BLUEGILL: Good to Excellent: Fish are turning on; look for them in the shallows with a worm under a bobber.   LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair: A few fish have been taken with rubber worms near sturcture.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Spotty: Look for fish with a night crawler in deep water.

West Central

Sangchris, Lake —  LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair using jigs, crankbaits & plastics.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair using most baits.   CRAPPIE: Fair using jigs and/or minnows.

Springfield, Lake —  LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fair using plastics, jigs & spinners.   CHANNEL CATFISH: Fair using most baits.   CRAPPIE: Fair using jigs and/or minnows.